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Orthotics Devices
What are orthotics?
Orthotic devices (more commonly known as orthotics) are custom made devices that are worn inside the shoe to control abnormal foot function. They also help to alleviate painful areas of the feet. They can prevent many of the common foot complications that cause discomfort. People of all ages with a variety of foot and lower leg problems wear orthotics. Anyone suffering from a foot or lower limb condition which is limiting their mobility and independence will benefit from wearing orthotics.
How are orthotics made?
To start, your feet are examined by the Chiropodist. The Chiropodist will watch you walk, and determine the right device for you. Next impressions are taken of your feet with a three dimensional laser scanner. The method of taking impressions is very important to the success of the orthotics. We can also take plaster casts and we can take as many casts or scans as necessary to ensure we capture every area of your foot to give you a perfectly fitting custom orthotic device. We take the casts / scans of your feet while you are in a sitting position in one of our treatment chairs. This is a quick and accurate process.
Orthotics Breaking-In Period Warranty
Custom orthotics generally have a breaking-in period, and it is not unusual to experience leg pain, knee pain, and even back pain. They will make a big difference on your body but it takes time.

  • On the first day of orthotics, wear them for 1 hour. Then, add 1 hour each day so that you add up to 8 hours on the 8th day.
  • After 1 week, runners should run 1 mile longer with the orthotic devices each day (starting at 1 mile on the first day).
  • It may take up to 12 weeks for a reduction in your signs and symptoms.
  • Proper footwear is essential in order to properly support the orthotics.
  • Consistency is key. Wear your orthotics as much as possible, even indoors.
  • If your orthotics "squeak", dust powder between the orthotics and your shoes.
  • If the orthotics are too painful, stop, break for 2 hours and try them again. If you experience constant pain, please call your chiropodist.
  • You should be very happy with your orthotics. If not, we want to help adjust them to optimize their effects on your feet.
Washing Instructions
To clean your orthotics, wash them with warm water and mild soap and air dry. Do not expose them to high heat. Avoid submerging in water. Baking soda and/or anti-bacterial powders may help with the odor.
  • A no fee follow-up visit is available after 4 weeks of breaking in the orthotics.
  • All orthotic shells have a lifetime guarantee against breakage.
  • Adjustments are free of charge within 60 days.
  • Postings and covers are guaranteed for 90 days.

**In order to ensure the accuracy of your orthotic prescription, we recommend yearly visits with your chiropodist**

See the Footwear section for proper footwear advice.
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